M66 Hophead Ale Yeast (10.5g)

M66 Hophead Ale Yeast (10.5g)

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M66 Hophead Ale Yeast is a yeast and enzyme blend that has been designed to promote a hop forward, fruity profile - perfect for contemporary IPAs from New England to West Coast styles.

Aroma characteristics

Dry hop character will be enhanced along with aroma from any fruit additions made during fermentation. The moderate, well balanced ester profile from this yeast will complement New World hop character very well whilst also bringing out some malt character.


Flavour/mouthfeel characteristics

This yeast ferments clean and relatively neutral with a moderate, well-balanced ester profile adding subtle complexity. Beers fermented with this yeast will finishing moderately dry but retaining a good level of mouthfeel to prevent them being too thin.


High alcohol beers

With good alcohol tolerance up to 10% ABV, this yeast works particularly well in stronger IPA styles. Higher ABV beers will retain a good level of body without being too heavy.