Beechwood Smoked (Weyermann) Malt Crushed 500g

Beechwood Smoked (Weyermann) Malt Crushed 500g

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EBC- 5 

Made from the finest German quality brewing barley malted in Bamberg, the capital of smoked beers. The strong beech wood smoke gives this malt its unmistakable flavor, hence being the ideal ingredient to perfect any aroma-intensive beer style.

Sensory: pronounced smoke aroma, malty-sweet, with vanilla and honey notes

Smoke malt for light and dark beer styles, typically for:

Pale Lager with Smoke

Amber Lager; Bamberger Rauchbier, Kellerbier, Bamberger  Maerzen, Rauchbier

Bock; Rauchbierbock

Wheat beer; Dark wheat, Wheat Bock, Bamberg Weisse Rauchbier, Lichtenhainer

Strong Ale; Old Ale

Porter; Smoked Porter

Specialty Beer; Sathi, Gotlandsdricke

Recommended addition: up to 100%, depending on the desired smoke intensity. Dosage of 5-10% already increases the aroma complexity with vanilla and honey aromas. Higher dosages achieve strong smoky notes, such as smoked ham.

Enzyme activity: high