Caramalt (Bairds) Crushed 500g

Caramalt (Bairds) Crushed 500g

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EBC 30

Cara and crystal malts are manufactured by Bairds Malt at the Witham plant from green malt in small batches at a time (1.5 - 2 tonnes).

The green malt is well modified but not over modified, and should be of a barley variety that does not lose its husk easily - it is essential to avoid localised charring on the surface of the grain.

Caramalts are used to give colour and flavour to pale Lager beers but should be used with care to avoid making the beer too dark or giving it too cloying a flavour. They also change the oxidation - reduction state of a beer, and can therefore improve the stability of a beer by preventing the formation of oxidised (cardboard) flavours.