Columbus Pellets 100g (Barth Haas)

Columbus Pellets 100g (Barth Haas)

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Alpha 18%

Crop Year: 2021

BBE 31/08/26

Use in brewing

Dual purpose.

Generally used for main copper hop in the form of extracts and pellets because of the exceedingly high alpha. Have shown to be very aromatic as late hops in cask ales.


Liquorice, Resinous, Black Pepper




Three hop varieties with very high alpha properties were all produced at the same time (the two above plus Zeus) and sold to different grower groups. Since then it has been proven that Columbus and Tomahawk are the same variety (by gas chromatograph) and Zeus is so similar that it is indistinguishable from the other two in the finished product! These hops have taken the USA by storm and acreage of all other US varieties seem to be suffering because of it. They are all be labeled as Super High Alpha.