WIB Whisky Club

WIB Whisky Club

The more astute of you will have noticed several bottles of whisky have appeared behind the bar at the shop, you may have even read the blog post introducing them. Well, avoiding obvious puns, the fire behind this particular smoke is the newly-formed WIB Whisky Club.

Formed out of an initial chat at the very successful WIB Home Brew Club, a subset of the club arranged a visit to The Lord Wargrave to make an insignificant dent in their extensive selection. Such was the success of the evening that a club fell into place and had its inaugural meeting at the shop on 12th December.

Club Night

Everyone bought a bottle of whisky to share, all had been opened, some had been half-drunk and that was fine, the point was always to share a pleasurable experience. Just like the home-brew club, turns were taken to taste each nip; NB it really was just a nip per bottle as no-one wanted to be 12 full drams down by the end of the night. But what a range there was, with offerings from Islay, Campbeltown, Highlands & Islands, Speyside, Ireland and France, there really was something for everyone.

Looking back at the notes that Mark had the foresight to suggest and the generosity to take, every experience was positive, with a number of stand-outs and a few pleasant surprises too. No-one publically identified as a whisky expert so all tasting notes were treated with the same enthusiasm, and everyone walked away from the evening having tasted some whisky they would've never have thought to buy, some they will never buy and some they couldn't buy if they wanted to.

What Next

At the moment the frequency of club meet-ups at the shop has not been set in stone, but the next one is in process of being arranged and will be announced on here once agreed. The first club worked well so future clubs are likely to persist in roughly the same format. There is also a Whatsapp group for whisky-based chat and for sharing the delights of various bottle-shaped Christmas presents or other discoveries.


Like everything WIB, the group is inclusive and has no entry criteria, so if you like whisky and want to join just let one of the WIB staff know or email Tim and we'll get you on the list. Look forward to seeing you.


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