Whisky @ WIB


Whisky @ WIB

Do you like Whisky? Have you been frustrated by seeing the same old selection of bottles behind every bar you visit, or been aghast at the cost of a dram of a decent malt in those same establishments? Well now my friend, your troubles are over as waterintobeer is offering a selection of hand-picked bottles that will further enhance the warm and friendly drink-in experience you have come to expect from one of London's top 20 beer establishments [London's Best Beer, Pubs and Bars - Des de Moor, 2021].

Now, in addition to the hundreds of delicious beers available, you also have the option of enjoying a dram or two from a bottle of at least 6 on offer behind the bar. The current plan is to showcase a different single malt from each of the five Scottish whisky regions alongside a guest bottle from one of the many other countries producing the spirit. As bottles get finished, others will take their place to ensure there is always a good choice and a chance to experience the phenomenal diversity within the category.

You only have to compare public reviews to ascertain that tasting whisky is a hugely subjective experience, with reviewers describing very different tastes for the same whisky. This said, these are some tasting notes for the current selection of bottles behind the bar:


Bladnoch is an independent distillery in Wigtownshire that produces fine examples from the Lowlands region. Vinaya has a beautifully gentle, flowery and slightly fruity taste with a little chocolate coming through and a slightly spicy finish. This is a lovely accessible whisky that transports you to grassy meadows in spring.


Highlands and Islands: 

Edradour is a tiny independent distillery in the Eastern Highlands and this 10yo is a very individual dram that is worth tasting just to illustrate how amazingly different a whisky can be. It's like Christmas cake in a glass with lots of dark fruit and sherry coming through, and a rum-like richness leaves behind a multitude of interesting flavours to savour. If ever there was a whisky for sipping around a big open fire on a winter's night then this must be it.


Islay produces some of the best-known and highly-regarded whisky in Scotland, and within Islay Bowmore is one of the biggest. The distillery produces malts that are not as peaty or smoky as some of their neighbours, but neither are they as light as some of the others. The 15yo has a beautiful balance of peat and smoke without too much of each. The sherry casks have delivered a raisin-like sweetness on top of slightly woody and spicy undertones, leaving a fabulous barley-sugar taste behind. Definitely a dram to savour on a winter's evening


Comprising of just three distilleries, the once-prolific Campbeltown is now one of the smallest whisky producing regions in Scotland, yet its popularity has grown exponentially recently making it hard to get hold of examples. Glen Scotia Double Cask is a light and fruity whisky that's very oaky on the nose and tastes of salted caramel with a little spice thrown in. A good value whisky that will suit those who prefer the lighter Bourbon-barrel whiskies to the sherry-bombs.


Speyside is a small region within the Highlands that is home to around half the distilleries in Scotland. Glenfarclas is an independent producer that has a long history and offers many expressions that have proved extremely popular over the years. The 15yo delivers an amazing bouquet of cream sherry and dried fruit, spiced orange in the mouth and and a long satisfying finish with a touch of nuttiness. This one has also proved popular at WIB so grab it while it lasts.


What better way to open the guest spot with a whiskey from Ireland, a country that has been making the spirit equally as long as the Scots. This single malt from Teeling is very refined and not as sweet as the more readily-available brands of Irish whiskey. Once you add a drop of water there's green fruit with a little pepper and a slightly flowery taste on top of the underlying grain. This lovely whiskey has already proved popular with some of the WIB Whisky crowd and should definitely be tried.


So, whether you're new to whisky or are just looking for something different from the normal top shelf offerings, WIB is the place to come to celebrate the diversity of this genre. We look forward to seeing you.


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