Homebrew Club Recipes - May 2023

An important part of WIB since its inception has been our homebrewing community. We never cease to be amazed by the creativity, talent and sometimes utterly bizarre creations they come up with, using the ingredients from our shelves. We've often said we wish we could share the brews that make it to our monthly homebrew club with the rest of the world, so now we are!

These recipes are from May 2023. 

Kat brewed an absolutely brilliant Baltic Porter, well worth cloning if you’re looking to brew one!

Baltic Porter

20 litre batch

3.5kg Pale Malt

1.5kg Munich Malt

340g Caramunich

70g Aromatic

350 Carafa I

350g Carafa II

270g Wheat


Mash at 64


40g jester at 60 mins

Ferment with Mangrove Jacks Bohemian Lager yeast between 10-15 degrees


The challenge for May was low percentage beers (including Mild). Alban brought in a great Smoked Coconut Mild! Check it out…

Smoky Coconut Mild

Smoke, Coconut, Mild…what’s not to like! Just made a small test batch to see if it would work at the lower ABV.  Testing out HBC 472 Hops in the hope of matching or enhancing the toasted coconut added post fermentation.

Mashed 1675g of grain in 7L of untreated tap water at 71C for a sweeter, fuller-bodied beer.  Sparged at 76C with another 8L, collecting approx 11.5L with the grains accounting for 3.5L.  


25.4% Maris Otter pale

14.9% Pale Wheat Malt

25.4% Golden Promise

6%    Pale Chocolate

6%    Biscuit

6%    Dark Crystal

6%    Medium Peat-smoked Malt

6%    Dextrine Malt

4.5%  Malted Oats

Hop Schedule:

6g  HBC 472 @ FWH

10g HBC 472 @ 12 mins

Collected 10.5L in the fermenter having lost 1L to the boil. Started fermentation at 25C.

Once fermentation slowed, added 300g toasted coconut. Organic coconut flakes were desiccated in the blender, put in a tray lined with baking paper and toasted at 205C for 8 mins with a stir in the middle to ensure an even colour. Used a fine-mesh bag for the coconut in the fermenter and after a day or two realisation struck that getting pre-desiccated coconut would probably have prevented the fine layer of coconut floating on the surface. Bottled after 2 weeks, priming with brown sugar. 

It took a couple of weeks for the coconut to mellow out and I would’ve liked the smoke to come out more, but otherwise it seems a pretty decent Mild.


waterintobeer homebrew club takes place on the first Sunday of every month, starting at 2pm.

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