Northern Monk The Endless Hum 3.4% (440ml can)

Northern Monk The Endless Hum 3.4% (440ml can)

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The first in a new Patrons Projects series with The Endless Hum, a collective of old friends - Matt Reid, Simon Glacken, Tommy Davidson-Hawley, Ben Holden and Drew Millward - who like to bring bands and artists that they love to their small corner of the world.  

This is made with icons of the craft beer game, Dogfish Head out of Delaware, USA. 

To tie in with Endless Hum and the ideal beer to power gig-goers, this is a super sessionable, Rye Session IPA at 3.4%. 

Monk and Dogfish Head came up with the concept over two shared ideas, firstly we both have enjoyed playing with small percentages of rye in the grist of session beers for that extra depth of flavour and mouthfeel it can bring, and secondly, we both enjoyed the white sage twist we added to last year's Hop City collaborative release. 

We thought it would be interesting to revisit the use of white sage in a lower ABV beer. Sam at Dogfish Head also sent us some juniper berries to throw in the brew, as they complement both the sage and the rye elements. 

The result is a super session IPA with orange, juniper, sage, bready earthy spices and hints of resinous citrus, tropical fruit.