Scatterlings Sun Downer 5.2% (750ml bottle)

Scatterlings Sun Downer 5.2% (750ml bottle)

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A blend of 2 worts brewed in August & September 2022.

Malted Extra Pale barley, malted wheat and malted rye from Crisp Maltings and raw Scottish wheat from Mungoswells formed the base layer. 

Aged whole leaf Jester and Goldings were used in the boil and whirlpool for some bitterness, tannins  and flavour.

The cooled wort was transferred to an open top fermenter and pitched with a mixed culture comprising of multiple Saison, wild saccharomyces & Brettanomyces strains as well as several lactic acid producing bacteria.

After 2 weeks in stainless steel, each beer was transferred to freshly steamed and Co2 purged barrels for the final stages of fermentation and ageing.

This beer was inspired by drinking "sun downers" overlooking Sand River dam in eSwatini with friends while the sun set over the water.

​2 barrels with an average age of 10 months in oak were blended and dry hopped with UK Cascade, Goldings and Sovereign pellets at 5g/l for 2 days at ambient temperature.  The beer was then primed with cane sugar and a portion of freshly fermented saison and then bottled and kegged to go through a tertiary fermentation

​The hops shine in the aroma, grapefruit marmalade, earthy, woody notes then lead to an almost sweet taste with a pronounced brett fruit funk and a chewy rustic finish.  There is a nice blend of acidity and bitterness to make this beer moreish.