Mash Gang Stoop 0.5% (440ml can)

Mash Gang Stoop 0.5% (440ml can)

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Stoop is our crisp and refreshing American Pilsner, imagine a macro lager with a glow-up.

Bright white head with soft lacing, mid high mousse like carbonation, aroma of champagne and elderflower with hints of kush.

Flavour has a clean assertive bitterness, effervescent acidity and more than a hint of cool climate sauvignon blanc grapes. A brisk, dry but full mouthfeel. 

Carefully controlled young white oak aging adds both both mannoproteins and oak tannins. It enhances the structure and mouth feel allowing the beer to show a greater complexity and aromatic intensity.

Hops – Styrian Wolf™ Galaxy™ Nelson Sauvin™

Adjuncts – White Oak Staves

ABV: 0.5%