Drop Project Rider 4.5% (440ml can)

Drop Project Rider 4.5% (440ml can)

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RIDER, 4.5% Pale Ale, is our take on a classic hazy pale ale brewed in collaboration with one of the world’s most prolific producers of guitar amps, HIWATT.

The brief for this beer was it must be ideal for sinking whilst in the pub or taking in some great bands whilst shouting at your mates. It pours a gorgeous hazy pale straw colour, with an oily and silky mouthfeel.

The body is sweet and prominent all rounded out with the lightest of crisp bitter finishes. Mosaic, Citra and Citra Cryo, all come out to play to deliver an explosion of orange peel, mango, melon and pine

The can art is inspired by the sweeping sine waves truly unique to the Hiwatt tone crossed with the connection between soundwaves and mother nature's natural wavy elements; be it land or sea. So sit back, bang on those tunes, gaze into the can and remember those good times spent jamming and soaking up all the world has to offer!