Kaiserdom Gift Pack 4.7%

Kaiserdom Gift Pack 4.7%

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BBE 11.04.2024

This Gift Set contains:

1 x Kaiserdom German Pilsener 1L Can  (4.7% ABV) – This Pilsener displays fine hops bitterness, a tingly smooth taste and a fine creamy head.

1 x Kaiserdom German Hefe-Weissbier 1L Can (4.7% ABV) – Delicately sparkling and refreshing, this Hefe-Weissbier showcases a powerful banana aroma with a fruity note on the palate.

1 x Kaiserdom Dark Lager Beer 1L Can (4.7% ABV) – A mokka coloured Dark beer crowned by a creamy hard, Kaiserdom’s Dark Lager roasted malt aromatic fragrance reminds of dark bread and fresh coffee.

1 x Kaiserdom Official Branded 1L Stein