Pilot Isle Of Independents 5.3% (330ml can)

Pilot Isle Of Independents 5.3% (330ml can)

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Passionfruit & Guava Sour

The beer itself was designed to be a crowd-pleaser. We used a Scottish pale malt base, oats and wheat to give us a subtly biscuity and fairly neutral starting point. After kettle souring we fermented it out with US05 yeast before adding a shedload of passionfruit and pink guava puree for a secondary fermentation. As with all our beers, no finings or filtration were used, just plenty of time after fermentation at zero degrees to allow the beer to settle naturally.

The result is a gently soured beer (we wanted it to be smashable rather than turn-your-face-inside-out sour) with a blast of tropical fruit on the nose and more of the same on the palate. We reckon it’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecues - we certainly look forward to trying it out ourselves.

And as for the name… apart from working with the whole tropical fruit theme, if you say it enough times it also kind of sounds like you’re saying ‘I love independents’. Go on, give it a try - ISLE OF INDEPENDENTS, ISLE OF INDEPENDENTS, ISLE OF INDEPENDENTS…