Duration Fly In Your Dreams 5.5% (440ml can)

Duration Fly In Your Dreams 5.5% (440ml can)

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Dry | Blackberry | Herbaceous

A blackberry Saison made with hedgerow fruits and wild mugwort. Our first community forage brew here at Abbey Farm designed to encourage us to look again at nature. Made in collaboration with Dark Times Apothecary who make tinctures and balms to soothe and protect. Celebrate Harvest, the passing of the sun into darker months ahead, and slumber with Fly In Your Dreams.

ALC: 5.5% vol

Hops: Cashmere, HBC630

Grist: Extra Pale, Wheat Malt, Torrefied Wheat

Yeast: House Belgian Blend

Adjunct: Blackberries, Mugwort