Holy Goat Sunslayer 7.2% (375ml bottle)

Holy Goat Sunslayer 7.2% (375ml bottle)

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Style: Barrel Aged Blended Golden Sour with Apricots & Tanzanian Vanilla

ABV: 7.2%

Released: December 2021


Sunslayer is an unhopped raw golden ale, brewed with local barley, wheat and rye. Raw beer describes the primarily historic practice of brewing beer without boiling the wort. this can create interesting nuance, providing a fresher, deeper malt character.

We fermented this raw ale with a blend of Brettanomyces strains, along with our house culture of yeast and bacteria for 3 months.

The beer was subsequently blended (80/20) with a 2-year-old golden sour ale, aged in wine barrels. this blend was then refermented with 200g/l of Spanish apricots and Tanzanian vanilla. the resultant beer has intense stone fruit, along with a delicate but growing funk.