Crossover Mare's Tail 2022 5.9% (375ml bottle)

Crossover Mare's Tail 2022 5.9% (375ml bottle)

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Process: A blend of 32 month old golden ales brewed with malted barley and raw wheat. Spontaneously fermented and aged in neutral French oak barrels. Blended into tank and dry-hopped with Jester, an interesting 'modern' British hop variety grown in Herefordshire.

Conditioning: Packaged with a small amount of priming sugar for natural carbonation in the bottle. We do not add yeast at this point, or at any point in the process. Bottles laid to rest on their sides and conditioned until release.

Ingredients: Malted barley, raw wheat, aged hops (whole leaf fuggle & saaz), Jester hop pellets, water.

Brew season: 2019/2020

Hop season (Jester): 2021