Afon Mel Nectar 5% (330ml bottle)

Afon Mel Nectar 5% (330ml bottle)

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The first in our Moon Collection is this 5% abv Nectar and it's packed full of flavour. Pouring clear and bright and it instantly presents itself with the great aroma of honey! Influenced by the Pagan calander we looked at the Mead Moon and got inspired by the moon, I mean the moon is pretty amazing. We then progressed onto the night and creatures linked with it. Our Nectar Session mead is decorated with the Dog of Darkness aka Gwyllgi. If you don't know anything about Gwyllgi, let's geek out for a second.

Gwyllgi is a mythical dog from Wales that appears as a frightful spirit of a Black Wolf with flaming red eyes.

It is often referred to as "The Dog of Darkness" and would haunt lonely roads at night. It is said that whoever bumped into the Gwyllgi and caught sight of its fiery eyeballs would be instantly paralysed. Some say that even its howl had the power to freeze people with fear. I'm not sure aboout you guys but we like big mutts and we cannot lie!

Expect it be sweet, light and crisp on your palete. A highly sessionable mead! We hope you like it.