Wylam Reflections In The Present 4.9% (440ml can)

Wylam Reflections In The Present 4.9% (440ml can)

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Starting with an undecorated grist of extra pale base malt, oats and wheat flakes producing an uncomplicated structure for a complex build.

A free rise fermentation using a classic farmhouse saison strain is then blended with 3 separate wild barrel fruit cultures. A 5 month fermentation / maturation period leaves us with a spritzed up funky midsummer smasher.

Blooming with crisp, clean cider barrel esters followed by a compounded admixture of acidic fresh orchard fruits.

Crab apple, white grape, peach flesh and tart lime zest intermingle with aseptic farmyard tannins resulting in a crisp and bracing sunshine quencher.

Ⓥ Vegan Friendly