Dig Brew Big Swifty 10% (440ml can)

Dig Brew Big Swifty 10% (440ml can)

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A new collaborative IPA with Chef Brad Carter!

Earlier this year we released Waka/Jawaka for the second time - a UK only hopped double IPA and since we thought it was such big success we decided to take those same hops and see if we could push that DIPA all the way to a TIPA level IPA.

Because it’s with Brad we’re calling it a “TRIPA” - obviously.

Here we have taken Ernest and Harlequin in the whirlpool along side a dry hop of Harlequin, Olicana (T45) and CF182 (soon to be officially name Opus) before re-fermenting on foraged Arden Forest honey.

Amazing to say this is only UK hops, we are using a mixture of cutting edge experimental varieties and old school hops that fell out of favour many years ago for being too ‘juicy’.

Honey is incredibly fermentable so it helps us to boost the abv up without adding too much maltose and making a barley wine! However, if you look for it in each sip it is there to be found - sticky, sweet and floral.

 Harlequin, Olicana T45, Ernest, CF182 (Opus)

Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Lactose