Cider Clear

Cider Clear

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These are highly active cider finings. They are simple to use, leaving the cider quick to clear. These are freeze-dried powdered cider finings that can be stored at any temperature and still remain 100% active. This is a patented product. Conventional dry finings are difficult to mix and take a day to prepare, whereas CIDER CLEAR is ready for use within 15 minutes.


To activate simply empty the packet of powder finings into half cup of cold water and whisk with a fork for at least 1 minute. Leave to stand for 15 minutes before whisking again for a further minute. The finings are now ready and can be added to the cider.


For bottling it is best to add to the bulk and gently stir the liquid and leave for at least 6 hours before bottling. This ensures a good mix into the bulk liquid. Alternatively if you have a second container, syphon into that and stir the finings in thoroughly then bottle.


If you are barrelling your cider, it is best to add direct to the barrel and stir/shake to mix.