Brupaks x Crisp All Grain Kit NEIPA

Brupaks x Crisp All Grain Kit NEIPA

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At Brupaks, we have worked long and hard, in partnership with a number of our partners, to develop and collate some of the best, all grain, home-brew recipes on the market.

Our latest innovations have come in partnership with our friend Carl Heron, Master Brewer at one of the UK’s largest maltings, Crisp. Carl has put together a selection of fantastic recipes for your enjoyment.

The New England IPA Style embraces haze with the addition of ten percent naked oat malt, these provide, body and turbidity but utilising the polyphenol free malt to reduce the likelihood of oxidative darkening of the beer. 

Volume: 23L 

ABV: 6.5% 

EBC: 10

IBU: 15